The Dark Side of Dawn, a new ebook novel by M G da Mota

The Dark Side of Dawn

A new e-book by M G da Mota
Vera, a thirty-something year old concert pianist, abused and beaten by her husband, receives an unexpected legacy. In the Azores, amidst her unknown and enigmatic aunt’s music sheets, she finds a manuscript, signed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, dated 1770 …

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Canto di Tenore: a novel by M G da Mota

Canto di Tenore

A novel by M G da Mota
Riccardo Vincenzo Rivera is a famous, successful opera singer, a tenor, but he has a problem: a violent recurring dream and panic attacks that he cannot control or logically explain. Will he be able to confront his past and the traumatic experience that it hides?

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Vanished: a novel by M G da Mota


A novel by M G da Mota
A story of faked identities, murder, blackmail and love. Oliver de Reece, is a rich, spoiled F1 test driver. Recovering from a crash, he falls in love with the new governess, Michelle Mason. She is beautiful and intelligent but secretive and overqualified. Why is she there? Is she really who she claims to be?

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M G Da MotaWelcome to Flowing Prose, online portfolio of Margarida Mota-Bull.

Under my pen-name of M G da Mota, I write mature, sophisticated literary fiction, often following my passion for classical music, creating intricate plots set in the present but with links to history. My published novels to date are The Dark Side of DawnCanto di Tenore and Vanished, and I also enjoy short stories and poetry.

Connecting with my love for music, I write classical music reviews covering CD releases, live performances and artist interviews, for MusicWeb International