Margaret Lang: Second Instalment!

Back in October I reviewed a CD of songs by a woman composer called Margaret Ruthven Lang and who until then was unknown to me. This amazing American lady lived to be 104. Her work was almost forgotten, partially because she destroyed many of her compositions. Luckily for us, tenor Donald George and pianist Lucy Mauro have been performing and recording her work thus restoring Lang to her rightful place amongst other great composers.

The first CD “Love is everywhere” was a recording of a selection of Lang’s songs. It was beautiful and a very pleasant surprise. So much so that I chose it as one of my recordings of the year 2011.

The present CD is the second volume of Lang’s songs, entitled “New Love Must Rise“. Could it be as good as the first? I remember wondering. Well, actually it’s better! It will take you on a delightful, charming journey, full of heart-warming, adorable songs, throwing in a few mini masterpieces along the way. Take the time and listen to it. You won’t regret it.