M G Da MotaM G da Mota, which is the name that the author uses for fiction, is a variation of her real name: Margarida Mota-Bull. This nom de plume is a kind of modest tribute to her parents, as in Portugal (her native country) children are given both their parents’ surnames. So the G stands for her mother’s surname and da Mota is her father’s.

M G da Mota’s novels are not only entertaining when one needs to relax and escape from one’s daily worries, but are also informative: If you like to learn about opera and classical music, past and present, in an enjoyable, original way; then M G da Mota’s work is definitely for you.

She has a deep affection for opera because the human voice is a beautiful instrument and opera singers take it to another level. M G da Mota likes all voice types but her favourite is the tenor’s voice, which is why she chose it as the subject of her novel Canto di Tenore.

M G da Mota has dual nationality: British and Portuguese. She gained a Masters Degree in Modern Languages and Literature in her native country of Portugal and is fluent in four languages. After graduation, she went to Germany and lived there for a while. She worked as a lecturer, a translator, a TV presenter and a teacher. Eventually, she moved to the United Kingdom (her husband is English) and it is here that she currently lives and works. In her own words, reading is her favourite occupation, immediately followed by writing. She loves to write, especially fiction and, again in her own words, creating a novel gives her a very special kind of satisfaction. But M G da Mota is a prolific writer. She also creates short stories and poetry, and enjoys writing non-fiction related to classical music and opera.

Under her real name, Margarida Mota-Bull, she writes reviews of live concerts, CDs, DVDs and books for 2 distinguished classical music magazines on the web and .

She is very proud of this work, in particular, the interviews with musicologist Richard Wigmore, Glyndebourne Opera general director David Pickard and  opera singers Joyce DiDonato, Joseph Calleja and Jonas Kaufmann.

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The Dark Side of Dawn

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Canto di Tenore

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