Personal Statement

People often ask me why I write. It’s simple: I have to. Words, stories, music are inside my head and they just have to come out! If I do not sit down and make sense of all the stories and words, I am driven to distraction, lack of sleep and generic, annoying grumpiness! So, to avoid all this, I write or better type furiously at my computer! Financial gain or admiration are just bonuses but never the objectives.

I have three great passions: writing in all sorts of genres including poetry and non-fiction but mostly contemporary fiction in what I hope is a literary style; travelling throughout the world to learn new cultures and their history, and last but not least, classical music. My preferences here go to the great composers of the Classical Period like Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven but I also like the Romantics, as for example Schumann and Schubert or Russian composers such as Tchaikovsky or Rachmaninov. I have a great love for opera; in particular for Mozart’s operas and Verdi’s works, as well as the bel canto masters of the first half of the 19th century, meaning mostly Rossini but also Bellini and Donizetti.

So, what do I actually write? Well, I create modern, sophisticated stories with suspense and humanity, intricate plots, intriguing characters, always with an international flair and set up in attractive locations. I select fascinating or mysterious historical facts and build up plots that are linked to the present; my love for music is reflected in my novels, as part of the plot or as background, giving my work a personal touch with rhythm and colour.

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