Canto di Tenore – an operatic novel by M G da Mota

Canto di Tenore by M G Da MotaRiccardo Vincenzo Rivera is an Italian-Chilean celebrity. He is a very famous, successful opera singer, a tenor, but he has a problem: a violent recurring dream and panic attacks that he cannot control or logically explain.

Will he be able to confront his past and the traumatic experience that it hides?

On a chance encounter, he meets Gilda, an unusual, fascinating woman. They fall for each other and have a brief affair but Gilda is married and ten years older than Riccardo.

Around the story of their love and against the background of opera, complex characters move around various European locations, in an intriguing plot of hidden secrets, trauma and murder. Gilda is forced to face a tough decision and to ask herself a series of difficult questions about the people she cares for the most.

The lives of the characters resemble the plots of intensely dramatic operas. Like operatic stars, their stories happen in America, England, Italy, France, Spain and Germany, developing in a crescendo of passionate emotions, secretive plotting and dramatic relationships, building to a climatic finale outside of a prestigious theatre in the city of Munich, on the day of Mozart’s 250th birthday (27th January 2006).

Publisher’s Note

This fine English literary novel from M G da Mota is full of fascinating information about the opera world, hence the Italian title, you may even be lucky to find some interactive links!


Raving reviews for “Canto di Tenore” at Click here and when you arrive at the page, just scroll down to read them both.

Enthusiastic, insightful review: “Canto di Tenore” has received a fabulous review on Check it here and when you arrive at the page, just scroll down to read it.

Feedback from an enthusiastic reader:
Oh MY! Your novel became so riveting at the end; especially, since I have often sung in all those places in Munich and your tenor sings my Fach! How often have I stood at the entrance to the Prinzregententheater (Residenztheater). Now, I will never look at that “Eingang” (entrance) the same again! And it is fiction.

… Donald George, tenor (appearing in “Love is Everywhere“, selected songs of Margaret Ruthven Lang. Read a Review of the CD

Novels with operatic overtones aren’t two-a-penny and, if that idea appeals, this comes highly recommended. An operatic, electronic page-turner …

… Patrick C Waller / MusicWeb International
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19th Century Opera Inspires Modern Day Romance Novel:
(Sussex, England) – If Giuseppe Verdi were alive today, he would be singing the praises of one of his biggest fans. The latest novel by Margarida Mota-Bull, who writes under the pen name M G da Mota, was inspired by one of the Italian composer’s greatest masterpieces, the 19th century opera “Rigoletto”…

As the story develops, readers get a front row seat to the inner workings of a traveling show, and learn more about opera than most people will ever know. Mota-Bull says the research for Canto di Tenore was long and extensively detailed. “I wanted very much for all references to the technical aspects of singing; how singers prepare themselves, how they study to sound authentic in the book.”
… Rachel M. Anderson (Read Rachel’s full article here)

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