The Dark Side of Dawn – a new novel by M G da Mota

The Dark Side of Dawn - a new novel by M G da Mota“The Dark Side of Dawn” is the story of Vera, a thirty-something year old concert pianist who was abused and beaten by her husband. After a messy divorce and court restraining orders, she is recovering in the home of her childhood when, out of the blue she receives a letter from a solicitor in the Azores, informing her that her aunt has recently died and has left her everything. Vera didn’t know she had an aunt. She travels to the Azores to uncover her aunt’s story but she gets more than what she bargained for: Unexpectedly, she finds amidst her enigmatic aunt’s music sheets, a manuscript, signed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, dated 1770 …

A journey of love, intrigue, greed, envy, murder and music, with an unknown manuscript by Mozart at its core. If you love music and Mozart; if you like a good, suspenseful and intriguing story; then, The Dark Side of Dawn is for you!

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The Dark Side of Dawn” is a contemporary literary novel with links to historical facts. The work was inspired by Mozart’s stunningly beautiful music, full of harmony and with perfect proportions, and by the author’s visit to the Portuguese islands of the Azores. It is set mainly in the Azores, both in the present and at the time of Mozart’s first visit, i.e. around 1770 when he was still only a teenager, and also in England, Germany, Austria and Italy.

Cover photograph courtesy of Malcolm Bull


From the Foreword:

“M G da Mota captures a beautiful, romantic story here combined with fun, page-turning intrigue in the British mystery tradition.”
– Lucy Mauro, pianist, in her foreword to The Dark Side of Dawn

A glowing review by Robert Beattie (MusicWeb International):

This elegantly constructed novel effortlessly interweaves a number of intriguing plot threads simultaneously serving up a murder mystery, a lost manuscript by Mozart and an intricate web of relationships…

The novel is a victory song for the redemptive power of music and art as symbolised by the redoubtable Vera. Overall, this is a great read and well worth your attention. Read more…

A happy reader on Amazon:

“You’ve got to read this book!” – From a 5* Review on Amazon UK. To view the book for the Kindle and see this reader’s full review, click here.

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