Vanished – a novel by M G Da Mota

Vanished by M G Da Mota

This is a story of faked identities, murder, blackmail, self-sacrifice and also love, which ultimately transforms an egocentric, selfish man into a caring and generous person.

Oliver de Reece is a 34 year old, rich, spoiled, formula 1 test driver. One year ago, he suffered a bad car crash, which left him unable to walk for several months. While recovering at his parents’ stately home, he becomes intrigued and falls in love with the new governess, Michelle Mason, who was hired to look after Oliver’s much younger half-brother and half-sister, the younger children of his father’s second marriage.

Michelle is beautiful, intelligent but puzzling, strange, secretive and overqualified for the job. What is she hiding? Why is she there? Is she really who she claims to be?

Slowly, Oliver uncovers the mysterious layers of Michelle’s life! What he finds deeply shocks him but, before he can act, Michelle vanishes without a trace.

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