Master Singers – A Book


Master Singers: Advice from the Stage is a book by pianist Lucy Mauro and tenor Donald George. It is a compilation of opinions, advice and experiences by some of the most famous opera singers in the world today. Some of the singers are names that need no introduction: Jonas Kaufmann, Joseph Calleja, Joyce DiDonato, Lawrence Brownlee to name only a few.

I enjoyed it immensely and had the pleasure of writing a review. It was like going through a long, collective interview with lots of interesting people. I’d recommend it not only if you’re a young singer at the beginning of your career but also if you’re just a keen reader who loves music, opera and would like a glimpse into the world of some of today’s greatest operatic stars. Masters Singers is to my mind a must in the bookshelves or kindle collections of any self-respecting bookworm.

Headshotshawl  copy Lucy Mauro

Photos from Lucy Mauro (left) and

Donald George (right) courtesy of

Ms Mauro and Mr George themselves.

Verdi And The Novel!

Verdi’s great opera Rigoletto was inspired by Victor Hugo’s play Le Roi s’amuse (The King amuses himself). Francisco Maria Piave based the libretto he wrote for Verdi’s opera in this play with a few small changes: the location moved from Paris to Mantua; the King became the Duke; Triboulet (the hunchback) became Rigoletto and Blanche, his daughter became  Gilda.  It is therefore only fitting that the heroine of my novel Canto di Tenore is modelled on Gilda and bears the same name. A circle of inspiration, one might say, as a play inspired an opera and this in turn inspired a modern day thrilling novel, as stated in some of its reviews ! Happy reading!