Neumeier & Pushkin – A Fab Combination

John Neumeier (b. 1942) is an award winning choreographer born in the United States but who has worked for most of his life in Germany and is the artistic director of the Hamburg Ballet.

Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837) should need no introduction. As one of the greatest figures of Russian Literature many people will know his work by name even if they’ve never read it – just a few examples are Eugene Onegin, Ruslan and Ludmila and Mozart and Salieri, to name just a few.

So it was a great pleasure for me to review the blu-ray of the new ballet by Neumeier (one of my favourite choreographers), based on Eugene Onegin, a  novel in verse by Pushkin (one of my favourite authors and poets).

The ballet is called Tatiana (the heroine in the novel) and is a cracker – beautiful, elegant with unusual gorgeous choreography and extraordinary performances. One to watch and enjoy time and time again – read my review here.




Master Singers – A Book


Master Singers: Advice from the Stage is a book by pianist Lucy Mauro and tenor Donald George. It is a compilation of opinions, advice and experiences by some of the most famous opera singers in the world today. Some of the singers are names that need no introduction: Jonas Kaufmann, Joseph Calleja, Joyce DiDonato, Lawrence Brownlee to name only a few.

I enjoyed it immensely and had the pleasure of writing a review. It was like going through a long, collective interview with lots of interesting people. I’d recommend it not only if you’re a young singer at the beginning of your career but also if you’re just a keen reader who loves music, opera and would like a glimpse into the world of some of today’s greatest operatic stars. Masters Singers is to my mind a must in the bookshelves or kindle collections of any self-respecting bookworm.

Headshotshawl  copy Lucy Mauro

Photos from Lucy Mauro (left) and

Donald George (right) courtesy of

Ms Mauro and Mr George themselves.

Pushkin and Deborah Colker!

On Friday, 1st Feb 2013, I went to the Barbican Theatre where I had the pleasure of reviewing the latest work by award winning choreographer Deborah Colker and her Companhia de Dança. It is a contemporary ballet adaption of Alexander Pushkin’s novel in verse Eugene Onegin. It is called Tatyana and it is an amazing piece of virtuoso dancing, powerful, intense and rather innovative.

You can read the review here but I would strongly recommend to go and see it (if you can). It is on until 9th Feb and, believe me, you are in for a treat!

Click here to see photos of the the production on Deborah Colker’s website.


The Dark Side of Dawn – Available now on an Amazon near you!

My new novel “The Dark Side of Dawn” launched yesterday on all amazon websites for the Kindle. It is the story of Vera, a thirty-something year old concert pianist who was abused and beaten by her husband. After a messy divorce and court restraining orders, she is recovering in the home of her childhood. Out of the blue, Vera receives a letter from a solicitor in the Azores, informing her that her aunt has recently died and has left her everything. The problem is that Vera didn’t know she had an aunt. She travels to the Azores to uncover her aunt’s story but she gets more than what she bargained for: Unexpectedly, she finds amidst her enigmatic aunt’s music sheets, a manuscript, signed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, dated 1770…

The novel is introduced by Lucy Mauro, a real pianist, who kindly agreed to write a foreword for me. If you love music and Mozart; if you like a good, suspenseful and intriguing story; then, THE DARK SIDE OF DAWN is for YOU!

If you own a Kindle, check the novel at Amazon or in any other Amazon site. If you own a Nook, don’t be sad! It is available for it too! Check it here at Barnes & Noble.


Cover photo courtesy of Malcolm Bull