In Time For Easter

Sacred Duets – an unusual work featuring repertoire that is seldom heard, well delivered by countertenor Valer Sabadus and soprano Nuria Rial owner of a lovely clear, pure and pristine voice. Whether you are religious or not this comes just in time for Easter.  Review can be read here or by clicking on above CD cover.



Perahia’s Beethoven’s Fifth Piano Concerto – a Treasure!

Murray Perahia turns 70 years old this April but his electrifying, extraordinary performances are not getting old. They are as fresh today as they were when he won the International Leeds Piano Competition in 1972. I was privileged to be at the Barbican Hall on Fri 07 April to see and hear his performance of Beethoven’s masterful Piano Concerto No. 5, known as “Emperor” in English-speaking countries. Perahia’s rendition, supported by the excellent Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, was simply magnificent and received a well-deserved standing ovation at the end. Read my review HERE or click on one of the pictures.


Sad is the world and the future dark


There’s a light against the sky
like the flicker of a candle;
always shiny, always bright
though it’s more than I can handle.
Darkness descends from a height
shutting the stars and the flames
like a bold warrior knight
whose death no-one claims.

I stretch my hand, feel the cold
the powder-like pristine snow;
its beauty precious as gold
shimmering in the sun’s glow.
Where’s the grace?
Where’s the light?
The tender touch on my face
and the energy to fight?

The world is slowly dark
the heart numb and so sad –
no beauty, no happy spark
just the spectres of the dead.

Upon Brexit and the new US President Donald Trump

To Gerda – In Memoriam

2016 09 04_france_0505web


Out of my window shines the silver moon
but sadness floods silently my heart.
My chest fills quietly with gloom
and dry, invisible tears pull me apart.

Birds continue to fly,
Rivers don’t stop their flow,
Forests still reach for the sky
And stars maintain their glow.

The sea persists in its motion,
Children still play on the sands.
Suitors search for a love potion
with flowers dancing in their hands.

The sun covered its light
And in my chest a red rose bled.
Her future is no longer bright
It was the end. Gerda is dead.

Poem by me / Photograph: Malcolm Bull

Neumeier & Pushkin – A Fab Combination

John Neumeier (b. 1942) is an award winning choreographer born in the United States but who has worked for most of his life in Germany and is the artistic director of the Hamburg Ballet.

Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837) should need no introduction. As one of the greatest figures of Russian Literature many people will know his work by name even if they’ve never read it – just a few examples are Eugene Onegin, Ruslan and Ludmila and Mozart and Salieri, to name just a few.

So it was a great pleasure for me to review the blu-ray of the new ballet by Neumeier (one of my favourite choreographers), based on Eugene Onegin, a  novel in verse by Pushkin (one of my favourite authors and poets).

The ballet is called Tatiana (the heroine in the novel) and is a cracker – beautiful, elegant with unusual gorgeous choreography and extraordinary performances. One to watch and enjoy time and time again – read my review here.