Christiane Karg: A Real Breath of Fresh Air!

Christiane Karg is a young German soprano (33) with a flourishing international career, which has naturally developed from her already celebrated, distinguished work in Germany and Austria. She is the owner of a delightful voice, with crystal clear tone and easy, very warm high notes, a solid, accomplished technique and an admirable enunciation and intonation of whatever language she happens to be singing. Her personality is cheerful, straight-forward, open and honest but at the same time she is vivacious, spontaneous and there is a quiet strength that emanates from within her once she begins to speak about her work.

She is an honest, determined, passionate singer and a charming, spontaneous, warm and genuine human being. Her energy and vivacity are contagious; her knowledge and professionalism commendable. Whether she is speaking about herself, her colleagues or her work, she is always open in her opinions, truthful and appealingly natural. In a world where image and perception seem to be everything, Ms Karg was to me a real breath of fresh air. Read my full interview with Christiane Karg. Enjoy!

Christiane Karg 17703 High Res 
Photos of Christiane Karg by Gisela Schenker, courtesy of Ms Karg’s management

Heart warming on a cold night!

The Seasons is, to me, one of Haydn’s greatest masterpieces (and he produced many) and one of my all time favourites. There are many reasons for it, which you can explore in my review. It describes a wonderful performance of the piece by the incomparable Gabrieli Consort & Players.

It was a cold night but the music melted the ice and warmed up our hearts (and our hands) at the Barbican Hall, in London, last Saturday, 14th January 2012. A brilliant start for my new “reviewing” year!

Mozart’s Birthday!

Exactly 255 years ago today, 27th January 2011, one of the greatest composers the world has ever seen was born: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

His mother did not know it then but she was giving Humanity a true gift of beauty: a man of unimaginable talent, fascinating personality and amazing creativity; capable of the most wonderful music and, for the mid 18th Century, definitely ahead of his time. If you can, stop and listen, even if for a brief moment, to Mozart’s piano concerto in D minor, his violin concerto number 3, his symphony number 40 in G minor or the highlights from some of the best, most beautiful and perfect operas ever written: The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni, The Magic Flute…to name only three!

The pure, sublime beauty of Mozart’s music inspired one of my novels, yet unpublished and entitled “The Dark Side of Dawn”. You can read about it in this website under Works in Progress.

And if you can, celebrate today! Celebrate Mozart! Rejoice that such a composer once lived! Let yourself be inebriated by the power of his music! Close your eyes and let it speak to you, penetrate your mind and warm up your heart. You will not regret it! It will leave you as invigorated as any physical exercise, liberated and clean from all the miserable daily things that annoy you. Cheers, Herr Mozart! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag (Happy Birthday)!